Dental Coverage

All health plans include dental care for children at no extra cost.
For adults, a dental plan can be added to your health plan purchase.

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Children’s Dental

Children’s preventive dental benefits are automatically included in the health plans we offer. There is no monthly cost for these plans. Depending on your health plan, you'll have access to different networks of dentists. All preventative and diagnostic services are offered at no cost, while you’ll pay part of the cost for other services.

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Additional Cost

Family Dental

Adults can add dental coverage once they’ve selected a health plan. Single adults and families can enroll in a family dental plan. Children’s dental benefits are already included in our health plans, but you can enroll them in a family dental plan (all children would need to be enrolled in that plan).

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Children’s dental benefits are automatically included with our health plans. Learn More arrow_forward

Choose the Family Dental Plan That’s Right for You

Family dental plans are available to single and married adults, with or without children, who have a health plan through Covered California.

Although kids already get dental care through their health plan, they can also be added to a family dental plan (all children in your family must be enrolled). There must be at least one adult (age 19 or older) enrolled in a family dental plan in order for a child in the family to enroll. (Not all adults in the household are required to enroll.) If a family chooses to enroll children in a family dental plan, all children younger than 19 who live in the household must enroll.

We offer two kinds of dental plans: DHMO and DPPO plans.

Read the dental benefits, limitations and exclusions (PDF) for each of our dental insurance companies for 2024.
  • No deductible
  • No annual limit
  • No out-of-pocket maximum
  • Lower premiums than dental PPO plans
  • Free x-rays, exams, cleaning and sealants
  • No office copays
  • No waiting period for children
  • $50 deductible for each adult
  • $75 deductible for each child
  • Some costs outside your network are covered
  • Greater choice in dental service providers
  • No deductibles for preventive or diagnostic dental care
  • No out-of-pocket maximum for adults
  • Free x-rays, exams, cleaning and sealants
  • No office copays
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Dental Insurance Companies

These companies meet all the state and federal requirements for plans, plus additional standards established by Covered California.


Need help applying?

You can get help from a certified enroller right away. It’s always free and confidential. Talk to someone about your options and have them guide you through the process. You can enroll in person, by phone or online.


Help is available in more than a dozen languages.

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