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CR Bard Inc. (BCR)

TEI Overall Rank
Margins :
Returns :
Debts :
Long Term Growth
Short Term Growth
TEI Ratio 3.33
Last Update 27.08.2016

Stock Chart

Stock Price Details
Last Trade Price: 320.60
Percent Change: +0.09%
Volume: 41935
Last Trade Date: 8/17/2017
Last Trade Time: 11:00am
Change from 52-week high: -0.83%
Change from 52-week low: +57.44%
P/E ratio: 42.09

Company Details
Yield & Dividend: 0.32% (1.04)
shares to be owned on 8/4/2017
EPS: 7.62
Next Year EPS : 12.90 (est)

TEI Updates
27.08.2016k Returns' rating upgraded to 4/5 from 2/5. ROE of 21% and ROA of 6% are good enough for me.
27.08.2016k Margins' rating upgraded to 4/5 from 3/5. They are both at about 10%
** If not reported with different note, we are tracking this stock since July 2015

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